Junior Infants

A busy half term for Junior Infants

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Happy Easter from all the Junior Infants and Mrs O'Connor



Junior Infants enjoying Saint Patrick’s Day.



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 Winter in Junior Infants


November & December 2021

Junior Infants have been learning about Christmas. They made these beautiful Christmas trees. They finger painted some dots on the black paper. They coloured their trees green and they cut them out and stuck them onto the black paper. They had great fun decorating them with tinsel. 

 Junior Infants Trees

Junior Infants have learned all about the Christmas Story. Here is our crib. Can you see Mary and Joseph? We have also been learning to sing a Nativity Medley. 


Junior Infants Bethlehem

Junior Infants have been learning all about reindeers. They made these beautiful reindeer Christmas Cards.

Junior Infants Rudoph


We were very happy to be allowed wear our Christmas clothes to school. Don't we look great. 


Junior Infants 1   Junior Infants 2

Junior Infants 3    

Happy Christmas to everyone from Junior Infants!!

We wish you a merry Christmas




September & October 2021

Junior Infants had a dress up day for Hallowe'en. Look at us!

 Junior Infants have been learning about themselves. They painted their portraits, wrote their names, had great fun doing handprints and smiled beautifully for their “First Day at School” photo.


Junior Infants have been learning about Halloween. They cut out and decorated symmetrical pumpkins and learned the song “5 Little Pumpkins.”
They learned a poem called “The Witch” and painted the witch and her big black cat.
The Junior Infants celebrated “Friendship Fortnight” and learned how to be a good friend. They learned the song “Count On Me” outside with their friends in Seniors and then sang it with the whole school.
The Juniors learned a lot of interesting facts about spiders. They wrote about spiders, gave oral reports about spiders, made clay spiders and constructed spider puppets.
They have had a very busy and happy first two months at school.
Well done Juniors! I am very proud of you all.