First Class

September and October 2022

Here in the first class bee hive we have been very busy since returning to school at the end of August.

We had a fantastic Heritage in Schools visit from Dale. Dale read an exciting story about Harry the Hedgehog. We looked inside putters to observe some creepy crawlies! We put on the wellies and went outside to play some fun games. Followed by an investigation in our surroundings and found some creatures hiding in the hedges.


In History, we had lots of discussion of significant events in our lives from when we were born to now in first class. We created a timeline that began when we were babies to now. It was great fun trying to pick out what baby picture belonged to the boys and girls in first class!



For Maths Week, we had a great fun helping out in Junior and Senior Infants with Maths stations. We split up between the two classes and got to play with the other students while learning lots about Maths!


Miss McCormill and Miss Moynagh took the boys and girls orienteering around the school as part of Maths Week. It was superb to be collaborating with second class trying to find all the information. We used lots of energy using our Maths skills while running all around the school!


For Friendship fortnight, we all had our very own secret friend. We had to be super kind to our secret friend without giving away our secret. At the end of friendship fortnight, we had to guess who our secret friend was! Some people guessed correctly and others were not so sure because the boys and girls in first class are so kind to each-other all of the time.

We had a great time rehearsing with Junior and Senior Infants our theme song for Friendship Fortnight.


Junior Infants to Second class were very kindly invited to see a show in the Town Hall in Cavan. The show was called An Ant Called Amy. For some of the pupils this was their first live show! It was very exciting some students from the different classes has an opportunity to ask Amy some questions!


 After the show, first class had an excellent idea to write about the show for our recount writing. We worked very hard to perfect our work before putting it up on our Work to Bee Proud of Wall!



First class were very excited for Oíche Shamhna so we learned a spooky poem called ‘Oiche Shamhna so Bhaile’. If you look closely, you can even see our frightening bats hanging in our classroom!


The whole school dressed up for a Halloween party. We all went outside and we strutted our costumes across the yard in a Halloween parade. We loved looking at every bodies costumes! In first class, we had a few dead cheerleaders, dinosaurs, skeletons, a dead footballer and even the teachers dressed up!



The children First Class have been working very hard this term and they are really looking forward to a well-deserved break over Easter.  Have a look at some of the lovely work they have been doing!


The children made these lovely shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day using a 'crepe paper dye' method. They turned out lovely and are so colourful!



To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children made these lovely chinese dragons using pipe cleaners and oil pastels.


As part of our Easter activites, the children made these lovely Easter baskets. On the day of their Easter holidays they were mysterioulsy filled with some little chicks and Easter eggs...very strange indeed!!!



Happy Easter everyone from Mrs. Sharkey and all the children in First Class!


 November & December 2021

The children in First Class have been working very hard in the lead up to the Christmas Holidays and they are all very excited!

Have a look at some of their beautiful Christmas artwork that is on display outside our classroom.  The children created a fabulous winter robin collage and they also made a Christmas tree scene using oil pastilles. 

Christmas RobinsChristmas Trees


In maths the children have been learning about place value, money, length and 3D Shapes and they took part in lots of fun activities for these topics both inside and outside the classroom.

In the ‘writing workshop’ the boys and girls have been learning all about report writing and they have been working hard to write their own reports about their chosen animal.  They certainly are budding authors and they have done a great job on their reports!

In SESE the children learned about the topic of houses and homes.  They investigated materials used to build houses and learned about the different types of houses that people live in.  In art they created their own houses using milk cartons and felt and we decided to use these beautiful creations to make a Christmas village!

 Christmas Village

As part of our Christmas activities, the children learned the song ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and the poem ‘The Chimney’. 

We really enjoyed preforming our song and poem in our Christmas jumpers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all in First Class!!


September & October 2021

The children in First Class have been very busy little bees over the past few weeks. They have all adapted so well to the extra hour in school and they are working so hard for Mrs. Sharkey. 

The children really enjoyed learning about the poem ‘The Crayon Box that Talked’ and they designed their own creative crayons which are displayed in our classroom.

Crayon Box Display

The boys and girls have also become poets themselves and they wrote some wonderful acrostic and pyramid poems.  They are all very proud of their published poetry!

In maths we have been learning all about subtraction and ordinal number and the children really enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities for these topics.

First Class are really looking forward to Halloween and they have created some fantastic artwork that is on display outside our classroom.  Check out our spooky Halloween silhouettes but be careful not to get a fright!


In Irish we learned the poem ‘An bhfaca tú an chailleach?’ and we made these lovely witches to match the witch in the poem.