Other Relevant School Information


School Times


Supervision begins: 9.00a.m.

School starts: 9.10a.m.

Little break: 11.00a.m. – 11.10a.m.


Junior Infants to 2nd Class: 12.30p.m. – 1.00p.m.

3rd to 6th Class: 1.00 p.m. – 1.30p.m.


Junior & Senior Infants: 1.50p.m.

1st to 6th classes 2.50p.m.

Supervision ends: 3.05p.m. (2.05 p.m. for Infants)


The school authorities do not accept responsibility for children who arrive on school grounds before 9.00a.m. or who remain on school property after 3.05 p.m. (2.05p.m. for Infants), as supervision will not be provided.



A complete uniform must be worn at all times. Our uniform consists of the following:

Grey trouser/skirt

White polo shirt or white shirt

Blue-green round necked jumper with the school crest (‘Kingfisher brand’)

Black shoes/black runners.


The school tracksuit consists of:

Navy zip-up tracksuit top (with white beading) bearing the school crest,

White polo shirt

Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms (without lines, markings, logos etc.)



Booklists & Book Rental Scheme

The Parent’s Association operate a book rental scheme. A letter is sent out in May detailing the cost of the scheme for the following year. Those who take part in the scheme will get a list of additional materials required for the following school year in June.

Book lists together with a list of additional materials are issued in June of each year to families who are not taking part in the Book Rental Scheme.

A levy for photocopying and art materials is collected form each family in September.


School Policy on Mobile Phones

Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones at school.   In exceptional circumstances, where it is necessary for a pupil to receive a message from a parent/guardian during the school day, (e.g. late arrival for pick-up; clinic appointment at short notice etc.), the secretary or a staff member will take the phone message and convey it to the child.




The school will inform parents/guardians of pupils who have an accident at school, in case treatment is required.

The school secretary may ring parent/guardian in the case of a pupil becoming ill at school. Parents/Guardians will be invited to come to the school to collect the child in question.

It is vital that you furnish the school with an up-to-date record of all telephone numbers home, work, mobile, doctor and child minder/contact.

If parent/guardian/child-minder cannot be contacted, then your Family Doctor or local Doctor will be contacted.

Minor bumps/grazes/cuts will be attended to by staff members - e.g. washing, attaching elastoplast, application of ice-pack etc.



All visitors and parents must enter the school through the main door at the front of the school and report to the school office upon arrival.

Parents/Guardians or persons nominated, wishing to collect pupils at times other than dismissal times, must initially report to the office and sign the child out.   The secretary will then call your child to the office for collection. If there is any change to the usual person or collection arrangements for your child/ren please ensure this information is passed on to the school in advance by putting a note in your child/ren’s journal or phoning the school

Parents wishing to speak to a teacher are asked to make an appointment in advance, by ringing the school so that a suitable time for both the teacher and parent can be arranged.

Lunch boxes, or other forgotten items by pupils, must be left into the school office from where they will be given to the pupils concerned.

At the time of classes being dismissed in the afternoon, it is essential that the parent/guardian or nominated person arrives promptly for their collection.

We would ask parents to refrain from distributing birthday invitations through the school as this can cause distress to children who may not receive an invitation